Actibor 67 - Material Safety Data Sheet   


Actibor 67 - Product Specification

Product Name: ACTIBOR 67™
Chemical Name: Di Sodium Octaborate Tetrahydrate
Chemical Formula: Na₂B₈O₁₃.4H₂O
Chemical Family: Inorganic Borates
Appearance: Fine,White Odourless, Non-Crystalline Powder
CAS No: 12280-03-4
No. Test Parameters Unit AMF Standards
1. Boron Content (As B) % 20.50% Min. 20.9% Typical
2. Boron Content (As B₂O₃) % 67.50% Typical
3. Na₂O Content % 15.02%Typical
4. Insolubility in Water % 0.015% Max
5. Bulk Density (Loose) gr/cm3 0.410 - 0.570
6. Sieve Analysis -75µm  80% Min
7. Solubility in Water    
    @ 20 Deg C % 9,74%
    @ 30 Deg C % 24,36%
    @ 40 Deg C % 29,14%
  @ 50 Deg C % 35,36%
8. pH @ 20 Deg C    
  for 3.0% solution   8,28
    for 10.0% solution   7,75



Before this I never used boron on my crops, even I also do not know that kinds of products. Then, after the field trials, I look by my own by getting the result is goods which my paddy crops is taller and the grains is most of them is fully. When compare with my neighbour plot, it is obviously different. Mr Sharip, farmers in Tanjung Karang


Although it just after one month application of boron on my crops, I surprises that my paddy was look more greener and the growth more uniform rather than the plot that I do not use the boron. The application is also easy because I just can mix it with urea and directly applies to soil before transplanting. So, I do not need to worry to increase my labour cost. I can't wait to see the yield and I intend to use this product in the future. Mr Shafiee, farmers in Pendang Kedah


From my experiences, I never know that boron is required for pineapple. Then, after observation during trials periods, one month of boron application we can observe the effects of boron on the pineapple. We can compare that the leaves of pineapple is greener and its leaves are wider than the control. Boron also reduces the percentage of physiological disorder of sucker of pineapple during in field. Mr Anuar. Malavsian Pineapple Board Officer


Actibor 17 Powder high quality Boron to apply as fertilizer via foliar. Gipson Ltda / Colombia


Actibor 20, has good Boron Quality, High soluble specially to apply via foliar. Novedades E Innovadora Agroquimicos S.A. / Guatemala

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